Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Service Learning Reflection 6/03/08

On the last service learning meeting, me and my group cleaned out the school store room. We mopped, and took tables. After that we all got into two groups. One group went into the library, to finish the bill for the store. We wrote as far to what the requirements are to work in the store. The our group went to K-mart with Ms. Swidegwick. There they looked at prices for supplies what might be sold in the store.
It was a very productive meeting.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Service learning: May 12- May 16

1. What I learned about our group topic which is starting the school store, I learned where the store is located in
the school. It is in the basement where the lunch room is. What I have learned about my self is that I don't think I would want to
work in the school store because the room is about the size of a closet. If I were in charge of this group, I would I pick a better room if I could. I know that room has a label saying "school store" but it is to small.

2. For Thursday's meeting I think we should start cleaning out the room for the store. Right now there are a bunch of tables and stuff.
We also need to contact places like BJs for stuff to sale in the store.
Finally I think we should get shelves, and mini table for the store as well.

3. Things I found:
One person in my group discussed how they finish writing the letter to Gilder Lerman for money.
Juliene wrote about how the meeting with Dr. Davidson went about having the store.
Tabitha discussed said the same thing as me.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Test Questions.

1. What was the problem with Curley? Why was he so arrogant?

The problem with Curley is that he is the shortest on the ranch. He is so arrogant because, he feels self conscious. He want the bigger men to fear him, and make them think he is better then them. Just because they are bigger.

2. What was the turning point in the game plan of George, Lennie, and Candy's Farm?
The Turning point in the game plan of George, Lennie, and Candy's Farm, was when Lennie killed Candy's wife. Lennie and George would have had to run away again and start over leaving Candy behind if George never killed Lennie.

3. What questions would you ask of Candy about his old dog after it died?
The questions that I would ask of Candy about his dog after it died would be:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Symbols in Of Mice and Men

There are symbols just about every where you go. On bathrooms, restaurants, schools, and even books.
Just like in the book "Mice and Men". The symbols in the book are not seen visually like most symbols. They are things ,or places that represent as a symbol of meaning. Three symbols in "Mice and Men", that I recognized is the Farm, Lenny's puppy, and Candy's dog.

Now, Everyone has a dream that they wish to come true. In "Mice and Men", Lennie, George, and Candy had a dream to own their own farm one day. The dream farm is a symbol. Its a symbol of peace, and, success. To have their own farm meant that they would not have to deal with anyone else but them selves. They would be at peace in there own little harmony. Success would come from the ideal of being on their own. Being able to work for themselves, and not anybody else.

The next symbol I recognized is Lenny's puppy. In the book the character Lenny favors puppies. When he learns that his co-workers dog gave birth to puppies, he immediately wanted one. Now, Lennie is a very strong, but mentally challenged. So, he has a record of not being careful with little fragile things: mice and puppies. Fortunately, for Lennie he was given a second chance and received a puppy. This Puppy is a symbol of hope, and opportunity. Lennie now has the chance to have a puppy for a long time with out harming it. Lennie now has the opportunity and hope to prove that he can have something with out destroying it.

Also, I recognized that another pet in the book "Mice and Men" is a symbol. Old man Candy's dog is a symbol. The dog is old, and helpless. He looked as if he was going to fall out and die any minute. The men that knew Candy and his dog, figured that they should take the dog out of his misery. Candy being old his self, hesitated about this. But, eventually considered it. Candy's dog represents death and, the sadness of being useless. Because, since the dog was useless they killed him.

After I finished reading "Mice and Men", I learned that there not just symbols in bathrooms, restaurants, and school, but also in books. Books do not have visual symbols, but things or places that represent as a symbol with meaning. Three symbols that i recognized where the Farm that represent peace, and success. Lenny's puppy, which represents hope, and opportunity, and Candy's dog represent death, and uselessness. Now, that I have this knowledge I will look for symbols like these in every book I read.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Service Learning Reflection

Last Thursday, I did not attend The meeting. I was absent. But, I heard it went pretty productive. Letters where written by, Veesna for grants.

Here is a list of researched (possible) things to have in the school store:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Servive Learning Reflection

Last Friday me and my group met for the third time. This time we discussed the booklet for "how to survive high school", and the school store. We discussed the grants and bills that are going to be needed in order for the school store to be made. In our group we all split up in groups to work on separate things. Juliene, two 9th graders, and Brandon worked on the work. Vee and I worked on the grants. While, Jessica, Mo, Gribbon, and Arlett worked on other stuff. Sadlt during our meeting we losted two people. Its all is well anyway.

Im not sure what is happening This week. We probably our going finish working on the book, and talk to the student government about the store, and money.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Empire of the Sun- Growing up fast (GRADE THIS)

Growing Up Fast:

In all your adolescent years your told by many grown ups to take your time in growing up. “Enjoy your youth”, they say. “Stop trying to grow up so fast”. This may be annoying, but at times it is taken advantaged of. While one boy might be in a rush to able to shave his face, another boy name Jamie Graham is being forced to be stripped of his innocence at the age of 11. How? Well in this essay I will explain.
Now, Jamie Graham was a British young man living wealthy in China. With a room filled with jets and planes, and pool in his backyard, Jamie had everything he could possibly want and need. He lived with his mum, dad, and servant waiting on his every need. He attended a prep school and singed in the choir. He had big dreams of planes, and of one day being able to fly one. At this time, Jamie was pretty innocent. He enjoyed everything about his life. While, Jamie, and his family where living in harmony a war was occurring between China and Japan that would change Jamie forever.
Then, One day the Japanese attacked China. The British where to evacuate out of China, and go back to England ,to escape the chaos in China. Unfortunately, Jamie got separated from his parents, and was left alone. Jamie is alone and vulnerable. After, being brought in to contraction camp, and associated with many different nationalities: British, American, and Japanese, he try’s to be accepted by all of them. To do this, he had to learn how each of them talk, and their beliefs. Jamie was even forced to do dangerous and life threatening deeds in order to be accepted. All, this and more changed Jamie from that sweet innocent boy to a, more serious, strong, and tainted young men.
After many years in camp, the war between China and Japan was about over. At, this point Jamie was a 15-year-old boy with the mind of a 30-year-old man. The things that he saw and witness, stripped him of his innocence against his on will. Eventually, he just learned to forget it all. He learned to forget about his parents, his love for planes, and his home. Everything that he had before the war started.
Then, just when Jamie was about to give up, he gets reunited with is parents. At first this father didn’t notice him as he walked right by him. He couldn’t tell that he was his son, for Jamie’s face physically changed from what had happened. But, when his mother laid eyes on him she knew he was her son. A mother never always knows her child. Jamie see his parents, and realizes who they are.
So, the next time you are told by a grown up to “Enjoy your youth”, and “Stop trying to grow up so fast” you better listen. Do nit take your innocence for granted. For there are kids out there who have no choice to grow up faster then they should like Jamie.
Jamie was a 11-year-old boy who had the good life, and the perfect child hood. Then just out of nowhere that was changed within a few years due to a war. He had to grow up. He had not choice if he wanted to survive. We have a choice. Which one will you chose?